20 Questions About Me


Since, this is the start of my new blog. I figured I would do a get to know me questionnaire. For people that don’t know me this will help them to understand me a little more. The main focus of MadelineOutside is to spread my travel experience and tips, but since it is about my experiences it is also about me.

Just some background information before I start the questions. I am a Junior at the University of Oregon majoring in Public Relations and Geography. I grew up in the San Francisco bay area and come from a family that has been there for more the 5 generations. I love to experience new things and go to new places.

  1. What’s your favorite book? - I am a reader. Over the course of the year I generally read up to 30 books. When I took a year off from school, I was able to read 60 books throughout the year. My favorite book in the moment is Swell: Sailing the Pacific in Search of Surf and Self by Liz Clark. This book was incredible. I have never read a book and related to so many of the problems that have incurred to an author. Her struggles as a solo-traveler really struck home to me. It showed me I am not the only one with these reservations and fears. The book also taught me that I need to move past these fears and just do it. I read this book coming off a 3 month trip to South America and it just enlightened my need to travel again. Also I now really want to learn how to sail. So hopefully that happens at some time.

  2. Where do you most hope to visit? This is going to sound crazy, but I truly hope to visit every country in the world. I know this isn't necessarily possible. But, I am going to try anyway. So in the end, I am happy to go anywhere, even places that I have already been multiple times.

  3. What is my favorite class in school? In the moment, I am really enjoying my strategic communications class for public relations. It is making me excited about the work I could do in the future. Also, it makes me happy with the choice I made by choosing to be a public relations major. The class is making me more motivated to work in public relations and start my career.

  4. What is your dream job? My dream job would be to do environmental communications for an organization. However, right now I am hoping to do public relations for any type of company. I am just hoping to get a real-life experience of working in public relations.

  5. What’s the first career you dreamed of having as a kid? I always dreamed of being a baker. I was obsessed with baking. Instead of drawing flowers, I would always draw cake ideas. I exclusively watched the Food Network growing up and regularly would tell my dad what to cook. Sometimes I would pretend to be sick, just so that I could stay home and bake. Baking was something that I could do all alone and that I was good at.

  6. What’s one of your favorite memories?- Many of my memories stem back to specific events or trips. I think my favorite memory is going horseback riding with my entire family in New Mexico when I was about eight. It started hailing outside and a giant storm system came through. We were in the back country of New Mexico with one guide. My family was not outdoorsy and we were very unprepared. My father chose to not wear a helmet, so the hail was painful for fun for him. This is my favorite memory because my family was doing an activity altogether that was adventures.

  7. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your 18-year-old self? - This is funny question for me to answer, seeing as this was only four years ago. But when I turned 18 I was in high school with no idea what I wanted to do. If I could tell my 18-year old self something, I would say embrace what you want to do. I really wanted to take a gap year however my parents were not into it. At the time I felt a strong need to please my parents. So instead of planning out a gap year, I decide to go to college. Which ended up not happening and me taking an unplanned gap year. Which, to this day is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

  8. If you could invite 3 people, dead or alive, to a dinner party, who would they be, and why? - First, I would invite both my grandmothers because I would really want to know there thoughts now that I am older. I was 15 when my mother’s mom died and 17 when my father’s mother died. I know that is not terribly young, but I feel like I wish I could have known them better. Then I would invite Julia Child probably just because I was obsessed with her when I was younger. I looked up to her as a chef and being a self-made woman.

  9. What’s your guilty pleasure? Reality TV. Without a doubt. I love a good reality television show. I am not into the Bachelor. But, I really enjoy Jersey Shore or Teen Mom.

  10. If you had to choose only 3 adjectives to describe yourself, which would you choose? - Independent, Curious, and Adventurous

  11. What is a dream you have that you’ve yet to achieve? - I have always dreamed of joining the Peace Corps. Since sophomore year of high school, when my teacher talked about her experience in the Peace Corps I have always wanted to join. I have told all my close friends I want to. It is something I truly want to do and hope to do in the near future.

  12. What was the last thing you read digital or in print? - Last thing I read fully was Palestine by Joe Sacco. I currently am in a Comparative literature class on war and politics in comics. It’s a interesting class and of course I love a good graphic novel. The book was very intense, however I did enjoy it. Also the book is written by a University of Oregon graduate which is cool.

  13. What are you most proud of in the last year?  - I am most proud is my health. During my three months in South America in the summer of 2018, I gained a nasty stomach issue. It caused me to feel terribly sick for 5 months. I lost around 20 pounds. Which before this I never really had any major health issues. It made me realize how lucky I am for my health and I never take a good day for grantee. Some days I still feel very sick but they are becoming less and less.

  14. What would be the title of your memoir? - How do you spell that?

  15. What was the best birthday you ever had?  - My 22nd birthday was one of my favorites. I had a large party with all my friends and it was just a good time. All I want in a birthday is to be surrounded by friends and family.

  16. What is your favorite video game? - Mario Kart but on the GameCube. It is by far the best video game ever.

  17. What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been? - I feel that ever place has some type of beauty in it. The only place I have ever been truly awed by the beauty was in Bariloche, Argentina. I went on a hike with my mother and it was raining the whole time. When we got to the top of the hike there was a full rainbow perfectly around a valley. It is to this day, the best view I have ever seen.

  18. If you could shop for free at one store, which would you choose? - Goodwill. It is cheap and it has all categories of items. Also, I prefer to not buy new clothes because of how it affects the environment.

  19. What's a movie you can practically quote from start to finish? - I don't really have a movie that I can quote fully but a TV show I do have. I was obsessed and I mean OBSESSED with Gilmore Girls growing up. Literally, everyday at 4 it would air on ABC family and I had to watch it. My mother use to use it as a way for me to do my homework. First, I had to do my homework then I could watch Gilmore Girls. Not shockingly it worked.

  20. What’s your pet peeve?  - This is a very Eugene thing to say but my biggest pet peeve is people riding their bikes on the side walks. It is annoying and I have seen multiple people get hit by cars because of riding their bikes on the sidewalk.