Breaking Female Stereotypes in Salomons New Social Media Campaign

In recent weeks, Salomon an outdoor clothing and shoe company released a new social media campaign focused on combating female stereotypes. The campaign ask participants to post a photo on Instagram or Twitter that they believe challenges a female stereotype and come up with a catchy caption to go along. All post must be tagged with the #SalomonWMN and @salomon (@salomonsports on Twitter).

The top ten entries win an invitation to the Salomon Women’s Weekend. Twenty top finalists win a new backpack that Salomon just released.

Salomon is doing with this campaign what many other outdoor brands fail to do, break female stereotypes in nature. This campaign is pointing out the stereotypes that women live with and showing how women break those stereotypes.

In its bare bones, this campaign is very similar to many other social media campaigns. It has a prize that can be won and you have to mention the brand in your post. The difference is that there is a focus on women in the outdoors.

Personally, I have seen few campaigns that focus on women breaking stereotypes in sports or the outdoors. One notable campaign is REI’s “Force of Nature” campaign.  This REI campaign is similar to Salomon, however I never of heard of the REI campaign when it was released. Also, I find this video to be uninspiring and not interactive for the viewer. I enjoy what REI is trying to do with the campaign however I do not think that it really challenges these stereotypes.  

I really enjoy Salomon’s campaign and the focus on breaking female stereotypes in the outdoors. However, I do think Salomon could do more with this campaign. Just having it on social media makes it not as widely viewed. Salomon should incorporate this campaign into there print and video advertisements. If this is something that the company feels strongly about they should be able to make it a part of the brand’s image.

For the campaign, I decide to make my own Instagram post and this is what I came up with. During the summer of 2018, I went to Argentina and during that time I went spelunking. This photo was taken during one of the narrowest parts of cave. I made the caption “But you might get dirty” because I think one female stereotype is that women always need to be clean and nicely dressed.

But you might get dirty?

But you might get dirty?